The environment as a Third Teacher

“The environment plays a central role in the process of making learning meaningful.” -Loris Malaguzzi
Fiolina creates a safe and healthy environment that welcomes all children and makes them feel excited to be here. This is their space for childhood. Our natural spaces inside and outside the classroom create hands-on sensory experiences that stimulate their senses and allow them to reach their full potential. Children are recognized as creators and co-creators of our space and learning.


Around this stage, all a toddler wants is to reach their independence and sense of control in their daily routine. It’s pretty common to hear toddlers say, “No! Mine! Me do it!” We help toddlers foster this natural autonomy by creating opportunities to do things by themselves. We believe children are capable and competent. With guidance and some support, children will be able to accomplish any task, overcome any challenge, and ultimately feel confident and proud. It’s a good feeling when I see and hear children say, “Look what I did?!” or “I did it!


By creating open-ended activities and explorations based on meeting children where they are and following their lead, we are inspiring children’s imagination and creativity to take their ideas deeper. Provocations are created based on the interests and ideas of the children after careful observation and noticings. Fiolina incorporates different materials throughout our learning that motivates toddlers’ thinking and investigation about what they are curious and care about.


over and look around

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