Who are we?

Our foundation in early childhood is built out of caring and compassionate relationships.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care to all children we serve. We provide a stimulating and enriching environment that nurtures each child’s social, emotional, language, physical and cognitive development. We believe in using and exploring nature to develop the whole child.

The name “FIOLINA” has a personal connection for us. Fiolina represents creativity, curiosity, charm, and friendliness.

It gave name to a strong, loving woman who raised 10 children by herself, and co-parented more than 20 grandchildren. Every single one of those children are currently successful professionals.

We have more than 10 years of experience (or 20 years of combined experience) teaching children and helping them develop their social, emotional, and language skills.

For our love of children and excitement to see them grow, accomplish, and surpass their developmental milestones; Fiolina Early Learning was created.

Our programs


3 - 18 months


18 - 36 months

Early Preschool

3 - 5 years old


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