Nurturing Environment

Our infant program ensures both a safe and loving environment for babies to feel secure and create healthy attachments. Research shows that babies thrive on love and affection for optimal body and brain development. During the first months of their lives, our mission is to build, support and sustain healthy relationships to create a sense of trust among teachers and babies. Teachers and families partner together in order to offer individualized care for each baby’s health, nutrition, and regular routine. From birth, we all have a unique clock and rhythm that we follow. All of our teachers are in tune with this rhythm, with you and with one another.

Nature exploration

Learning about the world, especially getting in tune with nature supports babies’ cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional development. Babies who spend more time in nature benefit from a strong and healthy immune system. During our nature walks and nature provocations, babies are exposed to a variety of sensory explorations and experiences that are beneficial for their active and curious minds. As they engage in these explorations, they start forming connections in the brain as they are building not only strong synapses but also rich language, cognition and will also become physically active moving and developing small and large muscles. We deeply believe babies are born naturally inquisitive and passionately curious. Babies are scientists and through nature exploration and sensory experiences, they are creating a foundation for their learning. We stand firmly by what Bev Boss has said, “If it hasn't been in the hand and the body, it can't be in the brain”.


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