Early Preschool

Early Preschool

Social and Emotional Support

Fiolina believes that social and emotional health matters above all else and that is why we foster relationships built on structure, safety and most of all, compassion. We focus on several key areas of social and emotional development such as feeling good about oneself and others, recognizing and reading another’s emotional cues and body language, engaging in social conversations and cooperative play, persisting on projects and challenges overtime, creating solutions to conflicts, getting along with others (families, teachers and peers). By supporting children’s social and emotional intelligence, children learn how to move and thrive as engaged citizens in a community. Fiolina is a microcosm of one where we help lay the roots for a solid foundation in social and emotional intelligence which research shows is a predictor for a child’s long lasting success in life. We do this by validating children’s emotions as we listen to their stories, concerns, wonderings, thoughts and feelings. As role models, teachers model active listening, compassion and community. Most of all, we show affection and respect for the variety of preferences and ideas children bring to their beginnings of life-long learning.

Moral Values

Fiolina strongly believes in teaching children the essential skills needed for life, so they can contribute positively to the community. Through daily interactions the learning of moral values are being introduced. Respect and self-respect are essential for children to recognize other people’s point of views and feelings, and understand that it is ok to disagree, but choose to be considerate and kind. The teaching of self-respect will empower children’s voices, know when to say no and set healthy boundaries. In our preschool (early learning) program, we teach children that hard work and persistence will help them reach their goals, always with the support of teachers and families. Most importantly, guiding them to train their brains to think positively and to appreciate the little things that bring them joy.

Classroom environment

Reggio Emilia Philosophy “100 languages” means that children have multiple ways of learning and expressing themselves. Children are exposed to a wide variety of opportunities that encourage self-expression, communication, logical thinking, and problem solving. Fiolina considers the child as the author and protagonist of their own learning that we help encourage and play a small role in.


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